Highlighting our studio member: Esther

Social Lawyer & Divorce mediator | Mother of two children

After living and working for 15 years in Curacao and Costa Rica, Esther now lives across the street from our studio. She has been a loyal studio member for three years and is celebrating her 500th class with us this year! Esther enjoys training several times a week thanks to her membership, which includes 12 group lessons & 4 online lessons per month.

We talked to Esther about her choice to become a member of the studio
“When I moved to Amsterdam I first trained with tons of reluctance in classic sport schools before I did a try-out lesson at Studio AnnaMora: I was instantly convinced by the warm, unpretentious and yet very professional atmosphere. Since then, I train three to four times a week and will continue doing so till the end of my days. Looking at my body now I can literally see the positive change, I have a stronger and firmer body. But more importantly is how I feel: my mood is overall brighter and I can move freely – I feel flexible and strong and self-confident within my body in day to day life. Just three months ago I got the diagnosis that I have acute rheumatism in my hands and feet and I feel that after the lessons at the studio my pain is reduced – and that is such a gift.
What I love about the studio is the fact that I can make my own movement cocktail from the broad choice of classes offered, like Springboards, MUNZ FLOOR and Pilates mat classes. Every day there is a class I like and can join – this is perfect for me given the fact that I have a very unpredictable work calendar.

When asking Esther why she is loyal to the studio she says:
‘I like the people who come here – appearance is not leading, people are kind and unpretentious. And of course the teachers! They correct you in a good way, never condescending, but they see everything, as if they have eyes in the back of their heads [laughter]. And thanks to these continuous corrections I move so much better today than three years ago when I started. AnnaMora is not a studio where you just follow the teacher, but you receive individual feedback, which makes all the difference.”

The beautiful portrait of Esther was made by photographer Moon Jansen

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