Finding your Pilates Routine

How often should you do it?

So, you’ve decided to dip your toes into the world of Pilates, or maybe, you’ve already been practising on and off for a few years. But there’s one question that always pops up when considering your fitness routine: “How often should I train?” Well, you’re not alone in wondering about this, and the truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Finding your optimal routine comes down to your unique body and personal goals.

Listen to Your Body

First things first, your body is like no other. It’s got its quirks, strengths, and areas that need a little extra love and attention. Pilates is all about tuning in to your own body’s needs, so there’s no universal answer. Instead, let your body be your guide.

Make Moving a Habit

The fundamental rule of thumb is this: move every day. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll in the park, a quick stretching session at home, or joining a Pilates class at the studio, just keep those muscles in motion. Consistency is key, and it’s the foundation for a healthier you.

Pilates Frequency: 2-3 Times a Week

Our best suggestion to finding & feeling results long term, is aiming for 2-3 Pilates sessions per week. This frequency strikes a balance between giving your body the time it needs to adapt and not overwhelming your busy schedule.

Flexibility for Life’s Demands

Life happens, you’re juggling work, family, and a dozen other responsibilities. Sometimes, committing to 2-3 Pilates sessions a week can feel like a stretch. But here’s the good news: Pilates isn’t an all-or-nothing deal. Once you’ve embraced the principles of intentional movement, any bit of activity you can incorporate into your day adds up to positive impacts on your health and well-being.

There’s no need to stress about the “perfect” Pilates routine. Listen to your body, move as often as you can, and sprinkle in some Pilates sessions when it fits into your life. The most important thing is to keep the momentum going, no matter how small your steps are.

Joseph Pilates’ wisdom reminds us that “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.” So, embrace the journey, prioritize progress over perfection, and let Pilates be the key to maintaining your spine’s youthful vitality.

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