Highlighting our studio member: Wendie Shaffer

Pilates as a Path to Remarkable Recovery

At 80 years young, Wendie Shaffer’s journey with Pilates exemplifies resilience and renewal. Two years ago, Wendie faced a stroke that posed significant health challenges. However, her recovery has been remarkable due to her consistent one-on-one Pilates sessions with Anna Mora at Studio Anna Mora.

Introduced to Pilates through friends, Wendie, a former dancer with a background in ballet, had explored various movement therapies during her travels. Yet, Anna Mora’s guidance ignited her passion for Pilates.

Choosing Studio Anna Mora was influenced by a friend’s high praise of Anna’s expertise and dedication. Wendie found in Anna not just an instructor but a source of encouragement and support. Anna’s holistic approach and unwavering positivity were pivotal in Wendie’s decision to resume Pilates post-stroke.

Under Anna’s guidance, Wendie’s Pilates sessions became transformative experiences. She recalls breakthrough moments where she felt invigorated and empowered, surpassing the limitations imposed by her stroke.

Pilates isn’t merely exercise for Wendie; it’s a way of life. She incorporates Pilates movements into her daily routine, advocating continuous movement and gratitude for her body’s resilience.

Beyond physical benefits, Wendie values the emotional and mental support Anna provides. Anna’s nurturing presence creates a safe space for Wendie to explore her body’s capabilities without judgment.

Reflecting on her journey, Wendie advises others to embrace movement and gratitude for their bodies. To Wendie, Pilates fosters a deeper connection with oneself and celebrates the joy of movement.

Wendie’s story is a testament to Pilates’ transformative power and the support of dedicated instructors like Anna Mora. As she continues to dance through life, Wendie inspires others to strive for recovery and resilience.

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