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Pilates Mat Core+Anatomy

This signature Studio AnnaMora lesson is taught by Senior Trainer and certified physiotherapist Oana Ungureanu. Delve deep into understanding your body’s core. Explore and uncover the intricate network of muscles that support and stablize our bodies and enhance our Pilates practice. 

Join us on this mind and body journey as we discover the joy of graceful movements and become masters of our own bodies. In Core+Anatomy Pilates at Studio AnnaMora we combine knowledge, precision, and grace to elevate your Pilates experience.

As we progress, you’ll learn the names and execution of various exercises, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of Pilates movements and their benefits.


Core: The core encompasses more than just the abs. Our core is a comprehensive system that influences our movement and stability from the diaphragm to the psoas, glutes to back muscles. Understanding the anatomy of the abs is crucial. Therefore, we will dissect its layers, including the transversus, external/internal oblique, and rectus abdominis, to appreciate their roles in core strength and stability.

Back: Moreover, we delve into the complexity of back muscles, unveiling the seven layers that support our spine, including the deeper muscles often overlooked. This knowledge empowers us to engage our back muscles effectively and prevent injury.

Movement: We will dispel misconceptions and offer insights into how controlled movements benefit individuals with hernias. Why is it vital to move in all directions? Even with conditions like a herniated disc. 

Breathing: Breathing will become a fundamental component of our practice. We will explore breathing mechanics and identify the muscles involved, highlighting how proper breathing techniques support us through challenging exercises and movements.

Technique: Guiding you through exercises, we emphasize proper form and technique. From initiating a chest lift from the ribs to engaging the core in a side plank, we ensure each movement is executed mindfully and efficiently.

For whom?

Core+Anatomy Pilates is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their body awareness through movement! Please inform us in advance if you have specific injuries or limitations.

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What are 'core' muscles?

The core is beyond abs. Uncover all of the involved muscles like the diaphragm, psoas, glutes, and back, which are vital for stability and movement. Understanding the how layered abdominal muscles work together is critical. In this class, We will dissect the layers, including transversus, obliques, and rectus abdominis for core strength.

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