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Pilates Mat Endurance

An Advanced Mat class, which will support you in improving muscular endurance and strengthening muscle tissue.

Now that you know the principles of Pilates, your practise can become more dynamic! Flow fluidly between exercises, building full body strength, with special attention on your core! You will discover new & creative applications of the basic Pilates exercises, maximising on the physical and mental benefits of Pilates.

As with all our Pilates Mat classes, you will work with a variety of props such as such as balls, bands, rings, foam rollers or the Bosu Balance Trainer.


  • Develop movement awareness
  • Learn to trust your body
  • Body-Mind centering
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Better Posture

For Whom

We advise you to have completed at least 1 year of Pilates experience in order to fully benefit from Enhance your Power classes.

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Pricing & Offers

Monthly Membership

130  monthly

12 Group Lessons 

4 Online Lessons 

10 Group Class Card

Most chosen

Valid for 3 months

Group Class Trial Pack


3 trial group classes

valid for 14 days

only available to new clients

Why do we use Pilates Props?

Pilates props, such as balls, bands, rings, and foam rollers, offer a range of benefits. They provide increased resistance for strength building, improve flexibility and mobility, enhance core engagement, promote body awareness and proprioception, target specific muscles, aid in rehabilitation and injury prevention, and add variation and creativity to workouts. Using these props can enhance the effectiveness of exercises, challenge the body in new ways, and make the practice more engaging and enjoyable.

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