Trainer Highlight: Reina

Reina Trifunovic: Weaving Wellness through Pilates Passion

In the heart of Studio AnnaMora’s vibrant Pilates community, Reina Trifunovic stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and resilience. From her early days at the ballet academy to becoming a seasoned Pilates instructor, Reina’s journey is an inspiring tale of strength, recovery, and the joy of movement.

Introduction: A Dance into Pilates

Reina’s introduction to Pilates was serendipitous, sparked by a need for recovery. “I had a nice Pilates workout after a day of dancing ballet,” she reminisces. The seeds of her Pilates journey were planted at the tender age of 15, at the ballet academy, where she found solace and strength in the gentle yet powerful movements.

Her path to becoming an instructor started after a torn ACL, as she wouldn’t be able to dance for a significant amount of time. Private Pilates lessons became a sanctuary during recovery. Encouragement from Leila Kester, an experienced Pilates teacher specializing for dancers. The discovery of Pilates courses propelled Reina into a new chapter. With dedication and practice, she found herself not only recovering but flourishing.

Expertise and Specialization: Tailoring Pilates for All

Reina’s expertise extends across a diverse clientele, ranging from newcomers to Pilates enthusiasts, pregnant individuals, and those on the road to recovery. “It’s important all students feel comfortable and are supported at their physical level,” she emphasizes. Her classes embrace inclusivity, ensuring each participant experiences the benefits of Pilates tailored to their unique needs.

Connection with Clients: Building Bridges through Pilates

While she humbly downplays achieving professional dancing levels, her students consistently find productivity and joy through her guidance. Building connections with her clients is at the core of Reina’s teaching philosophy. “Clients are open and motivated,” she warmly expresses. 

Personal Wellness: A Pilates Commitment

For Reina, Pilates isn’t just a profession—it’s a lifestyle. “I’m always strengthening,” she asserts. The benefits of Pilates, such as core strength and improved movements, seamlessly weave into her daily routine, ensuring a sustained commitment to personal well-being.

Classes and Workshops: An Upcoming Performance and Trends

Reina’s passion extends to the stage, with an upcoming performance awaiting. Meanwhile, she keeps her classes dynamic.

Studio Community: Blooming Flowers and Supportive Spirits

According to Reina, the sense of community at Studio AnnaMora is defined by openness, motivation, and kindness. The fresh flowers adorn the studio add a touch of nature, enhancing the positive atmosphere. Being part of AnnaMora’s team brings Reina a sense of fulfillment, where collective wellness is prioritized.

Advice for Clients: Pilates Wisdom from Reina

Reina offers valuable advice to Pilates newcomers: “Try it out. But no big change will happen in a day. Consistency and frequency are important.” She also advocates for breaking gender stereotypes, expressing a wish for more men to experience the holistic benefits of Pilates.

Fun Facts: Beyond the Pilates Studio

In a delightful twist, Reina shares a glimpse into her life outside the studio—she is of Japanese and Serbian descent, a proud alumnus of The Juilliard School in New York City, and a dog enthusiast who frequents the dog park with her fiance, defying expectations despite a past ACL tear.

Reina’s journey through Pilates is not just a sequence of movements; it’s a symphony of resilience, passion, and connection. As she guides her students through Pilates, Reina Trifunovic is not merely an instructor—she is a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path to wellness for all who embark on the journey with her at Studio AnnMora.

AnnaMora on Reina –

I am delighted to express the extraordinary talents of our beloved instructor, Reina Trifunovic. During our first session, I knew she was the ideal addition to Studio AnnaMora. Her approach to guiding our Pilates season is nothing short of exceptional, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of experiencing her classes. 

Reina possesses a unique gift for queuing using a lyrical tone. A lyrical smoothness marks her guidance through the exercises, and her soft countdowns carry a calmness that belies the intensity of her movement.  She effortlessly directs each lesson, creating an atmosphere where students find themselves deep into the work connecting their bodies without even realizing the intensity of the work. It’s a testament to her skill that students experience joy and the satisfaction of working incredibly hard. Reina’s classes are not just workouts; they are transformative experiences that leave participants both invigorated and centered.

We are truly fortunate to have Reina as part of our Studio AnnaMora family, and we encourage everyone to join her sessions for a truly remarkable experience and soothing journey toward wellness.

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