Reina Trifunovic

Having trained at het National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and the Juilliard School in NYC, Reina has had a clear understanding and awareness of the human body from an early age. During her years in New York City, she has had the honour of learning from Jane Kosminsky in Alexander Technique and Irene Down for advanced anatomy.

“Remember to breathe.”

After an ACL-surgery Reina became interested in diving deeper into Pilates for optimal recovery and has received her Polestar ® Pilates Comprehensive Studio on all apparatus certificate in 2019.

In her classes, Reina aims for optimal posture and focusses on breath as it aligns with movement. She incorporates all the knowledge gained as a dancer and passes it on with ease. 

What is your best advice when starting Pilates?

 Don’t feel shy about working on yourself. It’s not about comparing yourself to others, but rather comparing yourself with your past self. Taking that first step to improvement is what matters. 

What sets you apart as a Pilates teacher?

My classes are accessible to all. I will continue to remind you that its ok to work with a modified version of a movement, if that works better for you for today/this week/this period. Challenge yourself, but more importantly learn about your own body, what works and where you can push a bit more. 

Reina is a Senior Pilates Trainer

Lessons by Reina Trifunovic

Pilates Mat All Levels

Tone, increase flexibility, stabilise your core, improve body alignment and learn about conscious breathing.

Reformer Intermediate

An Intermediate Reformer class that will leave you feeling energized and empowered.

Reformer Advanced

Discover creative applications of the foundational Pilates exercises, maximising on the physical and mental benefits.

Pilates Private

Our dedicated trainers are here to provide you with undivided attention, tailoring sessions to address your unique needs and goals

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