Annemieke Jonas

Annemieke leaves her clients with a body awoken, stretched and challenged, a mind focussed, clear and peaceful. Her power lies in her playful and imaginative teachings to creating a greater awareness of the body and its functions. She has a sharp eye for healthy posture and alignment.

She has a deep knowledge of complex biomechanical functions of the body and always finds a clever way to translate this in simple and useful language so we all can understand it.

“Repeat what works, challenge what doesn’t, and above all have fun”

Annemieke is fully recommended for injured clients as well as top athletes who want to be challenged to their max! 

“I was first introduced to Annemieke after my third pregnancy. I was looking to improve body shape, tone and posture. Especially my belly had some post-pregnancy challenges, later diagnosed as rectus diastasis, a split six-pack. It was the first time that I had tried Pilates and I have been delighted with the results.

Annemieke adapted an individual plan for me, focusing on my abilities and requirements. Her in depth knowledge and experience of the Pilates method enabled her to modify the exercises according to my growth. She has made the sessions fun, enjoyable, impactful and overall my physical and mental wellbeing has improved.

After every session my body is more aligned and prepared for the challenges of daily life. I can 100% recommend her.” –Marianna

What is your best advice when starting Pilates?

There are two kinds of learning: procedural and repetitive. ¬†Procedural means you understand a concept, the ‘a-ha’ moment, think of anatomical/mechanical information you see and feel. Repetitive means you repeat the training to embody the concept. Pilates offers a great amount of concepts for you to repeat. Start with the simple concepts step by step, the trainer knows exactly what concepts to offer in your development. Trust the process and keep repeating what works. Soften the body, stay curious, ask questions and try again.

What is your favorite part about teaching? 

To create ‘a-ha’ moments with my clients. To shed light to places where it has been dark. To shift perspectives through kindness.

Annemieke is a Master Pilates Trainer

Lessons by Annemieke Jonas

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