Tim Persent

Tim Persent was born in South Africa in 1964 and has been a dancer and artistic collaborator with the Amsterdam-based dance company, LeineRoebana, since 1994. He is currently dancing with the Dance On Ensemble.

Parallel to his enormous dance career, Tim Persent has worked for several cultural institutions in different capacities. From 2005 to 2016 he was Artistic Director of the International Theaterschool Festival (IST) in Amsterdam. He remains on the board of directors of the dance collective MAN II O and the KunstenDialoog Foundation. He has also consulted for the Dutch Arts Council and the Dutch Performing Arts Fund. Since 2017 Tim Persent has been teaching at CODARTS Dance Academy in Rotterdam and was the first certified Coach in MUNZ FLOOR and MUNZ BARRE in the Netherlands.

“I teach to share a practice that I love and hope that it somehow improves their general quality of being alive”

In 2015, Tim was invited to speak on a panel at a Dancer’s Health convention. Alexandre MUNZ happened to be in the audience, they were introduced and Tim began to follow him on social media. After discovering videos of young dancers at the barre practicing MUNZ BARRE, Tim immediately decided to start training to be able to teach the method himself.

“ I loved the fact that it came out of ballet but was so up to date and dealt with giving something back to the body, that was of benefit. Literally anybody can participate in MUNZ classes, it does not demand anything else than an open mind and willingness to trust the coach. MUNZ FLOOR especially is a practise which has nothing to do with performance. It really is a physical meditation. What I see in my clients is a relaxation into their bodies. Many mention a super sensation of release and space….. I particularly love the quietness that arrives in their bodies as the class progresses.” 

What types of equipment do the classes use?

The only equipment you need is your own body. The human body is the most advanced technology. 

How often should I practice MUNZ FLOOR to see results?

At least 2x per week

What is your favorite part about teaching?

Seeing my clients leave the studio happy, relaxed, wondering what just happened to them. 

Tim Persent is a MUNZ FLOOR Coach

Lessons by Tim Persent


Using slow, spiral movement patterns, enable your spine to decompress, triggering the incredible matrix of the fascia system and its power of self-regeneration.

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