Undress the Body: Layer by layer

Exploring Fascia, Muscles, and Bones at Studio AnnaMora with Senior Pilates Trainer & Physiotherapist Oana Ungureanu

Embark on a unique 3-part journey that blends Pilates’s art with anatomy’s science in this immersive workshop series. Through dynamic learning sessions and guided movement practise, you’ll gain a new understanding your whole body, focussing in on the fascia, muscles, and bones. ‘Undress Your Body’ promises a one-of-a-kind experience for Pilates enthusiasts and newcomers, led by Physio and certified Pilates instructor Oana Ungureanu.

Get ready to strip away the layers and uncover the incredible intricacies of your body’s anatomy while having fun and enhancing your Pilates practice!

SESSION 1: 26 May | 13:30-15:30

Explore the interconnectedness of the human body, from skin to muscles to bones, and uncover the role of scar tissue in fascial response. Discover the importance of good posture and practical methods to achieve it. Utilize the roller for myofascial tension release and engage in exercises to enhance body awareness and flexibility. Experience immediate results as we measure flexibility levels before and after the session.

SESSION 2: 16 June | 13:30-15:30

Dive into the intricacies of head and neck wellness. Explore the impact of tensioned eyes on headaches, the dynamics of the mandibula and teeth, including the effects of having braces. Journey through the muscles, nerves, spine, and cardiovascular system of the neck, unraveling the connection between cervical posture and shoulder pain. Engage in hands-on learning with self-massage techniques for tension release and initiate balance exercises. Discover insider tips, like the role of tongue position in balance and how eye movement influences overall movement coordination.

SESSION 3: 8 September | 13:30-15:30

For the final workshop of this series, you will be guided together by Anna Mora and Oana Ungureanu. Dive headfirst into immersive practice with the new anatomical knowledge you have gained. Explore the dynamic world of three-dimensional movements and fluid spirals, while prioritizing the power of breath. Together, we’ll traverse every aspect of the body, from skin to bones, in an exploratory search for heightened awareness.

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Undress the Body: Layer by layer
Go layer by layer, exploring your fascia down to your muscles and bones.

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