Georgia Boddez

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Georgia came to live in Amsterdam over 5 years ago to pursue her career as a freelance dance artist and performer. Being passionate about exploring and embodying movement all her life led her towards becoming a certified coach of MUNZ FLOOR in 2021 & most recently her Comprehensive Pilates education through Polestar Pilates. 

For the past three years, Georgia has also been working as Anna Mora’s Studio manager, gaining plenty of insight into the ‘back-end’ of the Pilates industry. After being exposed to the world-class Pilates trainers which Amsterdam has to offer, she became inspired to be able to dive deeper into the method as a teacher herself. 

“Movement has the ability to slow down time”

“MUNZ FLOOR has brought me on a journey into the fascia and central nervous systems, I now understand why this tridimensional multidirectional method unleashes powerful resources, whatever your age or body condition. I hope to share this new therapeutic and non-invasive solution with others.

I am excited to be able to launch my career as a Pilates instructor right here at Studio AnnaMora. The studio has become home to me, making it an ideal place to continue nurturing my learning as an emerging Pilates teacher.”

What can I expect from my first MUNZ FLOOR class?

MUNZ FLOOR is a cognitive technique, meaning you will be guided along the entire process by my voice. This makes for a deep & relaxing experience. Sink deeply into the sensations of your body thanks to the powerful movement visualisation technique I have been trained to use by the creator of the method, Alexandre MUNZ.

How often should I practice MUNZ FLOOR to see results?

At least 2-3 times a week is ideal! We all have busy schedules, so the bottom line is, any movement you can fit into your routine will make a positive impact on your lifestyle.

Georgia is a certified MUNZ FLOOR® coach & Apprentice Pilates Teacher

Lessons by Georgia Boddez

Pilates Mat Beginners

A class with attention, precision and explanation so that you feel ease and confidence as you start Pilates on the Mat.


Using slow, spiral movement patterns, enable your spine to decompress, triggering the incredible matrix of the fascia system and its power of self-regeneration.

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