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Reformer Advanced

Challenge yourself with this Advanced Reformer class

Now that you have a solid understanding of the principles of Pilates, your practise can become more dynamic! Flow fluidly between exercises, building full body strength, with special attention on your core! You will discover new & creative applications of the basic Pilates exercises, maximising on the physical and mental benefits of Pilates.

REFORMER CLASSES ARE SEMI-PRIVATE – we work with a maximum of 4 students for you to benefit from a tailor-made class.

On the Reformer, your body is placed within a ‘suspended’ environment, enabling you to deeply find and feel alignment within each movement.  

Not only does the reformer offer you a full body workout, focusing on toning long, lean muscles while increasing flexibility, but it is also an excellent method for re-patterning old habits. Rehabilitate from old injuries, prevent future ones and find ease and efficiency when moving through all types of daily activities. 


  • Stabilize your core 
  • Train both deeper & superficial muscle groups and tissue 
  • Full body toning 
  • Develop body awareness & coordination 
  • Increase Flexibility 
  • Better Posture 

For Whom

It is encouraged to have a minimum of 2-years Pilates experience before joining Reformer Advanced classes.


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Pricing & Offers

10 Reformer Semi-Privates


Valid for 3 months

Max 4 participants per class

5 Reformer Semi-Privates


Valid for 2 months

Max 4 participants per class

Reformer Semi-Private Trial Pack


2 trial reformer classes

valid for 1 month

only available to new clients

What is a Reformer?

There is probably no Pilates equipment more famous than the Pilates reformer invented by Joseph Pilates —and for good reasons.

One of the best things about the reformer is its versatility. Using a system of springs, straps and the sliding carriage, the reformer can train many parts and dynamics of the body. The spring system allows you to choose the resistance that fits your needs – it literally grows on you as you become stronger, more flexible and experienced.

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Reformer Advanced

Discover creative applications of the foundational Pilates exercises, maximising on the physical and mental benefits.

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