Renee Van Egmond

Best known for her positive spirit & the joyful energy she brings to each class, Renee is one of Studio AnnaMora’s original trainers, teaching since 2011. Renee is certified to teach Pilates both on the Mat & on the Apparatus since 2009 in the Ellie Herman method. 

Coming from a life-long dedication and passion for movement you can always find Renee teaching in the studio, skiing in the Alps or hosting retreats at the Côte d’azur in France, where she teaches Pilates and cooks French & Italian meals.

“Let the body speak and move with the rhythm of it.”

Her deepest motivation is to create challenging classes while still making it fun! She is flexible towards your needs and where you are at today, so that you feel motivated to train week after week. 

Join Renee for her favourite class to teach, Springboards, and you’ll be sure to experience a new level of precision in your training along with plenty of joy.

What is your best advice when starting Pilates? 

Be aware it’s not a quick fix, commitment to training 2 times a week minimum will bring you to a full satisfaction of body movement and understanding the meaning of Pilates in daily life activities.

How do you modify exercises for clients with injuries or limitations? 

Pilates is endless in its adaptations for the limits within someone’s abilities. You can always move, stretch and strengthen within the repertoire of Pilates.

Renee is a Senior Pilates Trainer

Lessons by Renee Van Egmond

Pilates Mat All Levels

Tone, increase flexibility, stabilise your core, improve body alignment and learn about conscious breathing.

Pilates Springboard

Springboard is the ultimate piece of equipment to challenge you with spring resistance in a mat class setting.

Pilates Mat Advanced

An Advanced Mat class, which will support you in improving muscular endurance and strengthening muscle tissue.

Pilates Private

Our dedicated trainers are here to provide you with undivided attention, tailoring sessions to address your unique needs and goals

Pilates Semi-Private

Booking a Pilates Duet or Trio is the perfect way to enjoy private training in a more financially attractive way.

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