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Pilates Springboard

Springboard is the ultimate piece of equipment that challenges your entire body while providing spring assistance and resistance to improve your fitness, balance, spinal/peripheral mobility and strength.

Get ready for an invigorating full body workout! In this energetic and playful class you will work your shoulders, legs, arms, butt, and abdominals. Sometimes you will be challenged with extra props like balls, foam-roller, rings or the Bosu Balance Trainer.

Exercises that you may find difficult to perform on the mat, can be adapted onto the Springboard in a controlled and safe manner. The varying resistance of the springs can be tailored to your body, meeting you at your precise needs.


  • Improve balance
  • Spinal mobility & strength
  • Full body toning
  • Dynamic exercises for extra challenge
  • Added resistance from springs

For Whom

This is an Intermediate level class, previous experience with Pilates is required. We recommend joining our Pilates Mat Beginner or Pilates Mat All Level classes prior to joining Pilates Springboards.

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Pricing & Offers

Monthly Membership

150  monthly
best value

12 Group Mat or Springboard p/month

Train 3x p/week for €12,50 per class

10 Group Class Card


Valid for 3 months

Use with any of our Mat or Springboard classes

Reformer & Group Class Combination


Valid 2 months

5 Reformer Classes

5 Group Classes

5x5 Summer Challenge


Valid 5 weeks

5 Reformer Classes

5 Group Classes

What makes Springboard unique?

This class is designed for a maximum of 7 participants, creating an intimate and personalised training session. Benefit from this small group environment where the teacher can give 1-on-1 feedback & offer modifications specifically for you throughout the class. We are proud to offer you this individualised approach for the same price as a regular group class! 

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