Willemijn de Groot

Willemijn is a mother of three small children (aged 6, 4 and 3). She has been practicing Pilates for 20 years. After three pregnancies within the span of three years, she had to rehabilitate from pelvic instability. This required a lot of perseverance and focus towards her body. Pilates played a pivotal role in this journey towards recovery. 

As a child, Willemijn was active in gymnastics and modern dance. Returning now to working intensively with her body feels like coming home. She graduated in Polestar Pilates and recently acquired her credentials to teach MUNZ FLOOR. Her lived experience means she knows just how much strength you can gain through focus and doing the right exercises.

Her background as a visual artist adds a special depth to the experience of her classes. Willemjin enjoys teaching in a way which activates your imagination and deepens your sensory experience of each movement.

What is your best advice when starting Pilates?

Remember any practise is getting you in the right direction. Step by step it will come. Enjoy the successes and misses of trying (beginning), you don’t need to be able to do everything at once.

What inspired you to become a MUNZ FLOOR teacher?

When I first joined a MUNZ FLOOR class 4 years ago I was touched by this new experience. I love that the perception of the body while spiralling is so different from Pilates method. MUNZ FLOOR brings very deep and durable muscle tone, a truly extraordinary joint mobility, and a fascia rehydration you never knew was even possible.

Willemijn is a Pilates Trainer & certified MUNZ FLOOR® coach

Lessons by Willemijn de Groot

Pilates Mat Beginners

A class with attention, precision and explanation so that you feel ease and confidence as you start Pilates on the Mat.


Using slow, spiral movement patterns, enable your spine to decompress, triggering the incredible matrix of the fascia system and its power of self-regeneration.

Pregnancy Pilates

The class invites you to make a regular and deep connection with your body during this special period of your life, marked by constant changes.

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