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Pre/Post Natal

Pregnancy Pilates

Babies are happier with fitter mums! This class is specially designed for mums to be.

Being in great shape during and after your pregnancy will ease your term and delivery and will also speed up your postnatal recovery time. Prenatal Low-impact Pilates class is a highly effective and safe pregnancy and workout method, provided your doctor has given you the all-clear to exercise of course.

The class invites you to make a regular and deep connection with your body during this special period of your life, marked by constant changes.


  • Increase flexibility, strength & balance
  • Prevent/reduce back pain
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

New on our schedule as of Tuesday April 9, 2024 at 11:30am.

Private Option (based on availability)

  • Private 20-minute  intake session
  • Five (5) private sessions – €68 per session
  • Minimum investment starts at €340
  • contact for booking

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Pricing & Offers

Monthly Membership

150  monthly
best value

12 Group Mat or Springboard p/month

Train 3x p/week for €12,50 per class

Group Class Drop-In


Valid for 10 days

Use with any of our Mat or Springboard classes

10 Group Class Card


Valid for 3 months

Use with any of our Mat or Springboard classes

Why is Pilates a great low-impact option?

Pilates is an excellent low-impact choice for pregnant women because it emphasizes controlled movements that are easy on joints and muscles, providing a way to build strength, flexibility, and fitness without the risk of injury during pregnancy.

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