Andrea Bergh

Andrea grew up as a ballet dancer, which led to a life long pursuit of movement involving everything from running to yoga, karate to pilates.

She likes to think of the body as having the capacity to contain, not just a book, but a “library of movement” vocabulary, and strives to allow all her clients to feel autonomous and curious in their practice. To then be able to approach daily life with confidence and courage and freedom from physical constraints, that’s the peace of mind that comes with a mindful pilates practice.

“The story we tell ourselves matters, and I love to help people create an amazing story about themselves.”

With a keen eye for efficient movement and alignment, she strives for gentle precision. And with a firm nod to humility and enjoyment, she hopes to send you out with a smile. Stronger, longer, and ready for the day.

Andrea is certified in the Polestar Pilates Mat Course and Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Course (machines). She is also a certified Barre Concept teacher, and has undergone training for Oov apparatus. She is continuously busy with furthering her knowledge with workshops related to the pilates method and functional movement.

What is your favourite part about teaching? 

I love teaching pilates becauseI’ve come to understand that we all want the same thing: to be seen and be healthy and feel empowered. I love holding space for people, allowing their best self to come forward, cheering on their successes and reframing “failures” as challenges and finding solutions for areas of improvement. I get immense joy from giving people a sense of agency and self confidence, seeing their Aha moments and connecting the dots, being centered and coming into a sense of reverence for self.

The studio is a great equaliser: social status doesn’t matter, race, gender, body shape, age, financial status, none of it matters. But a smile and feeling good in your skin certainly does.

What sets you apart as a Pilates teacher?

I think what sets me apart as a teacher is that I believe life should be fun, and we should remain curious. There is no reason why hard work and enjoyment cannot go together. I strive for all my clients to become more connected to themselves, to dive into the details. On this day, in this moment. To encourage people to ask themselves questions and really listen for the answers. There is so much intelligence in the body and mind, just waiting to be unleashed. And when you can find joy and curiosity, you will bring your best self forward.

Andrea is a Senior Pilates Trainer

Lessons by Andrea Bergh

Reformer Beginners

On the reformer, your body is placed within a ‘suspended’ environment, enabling you to find alignment within each movement.

Pilates Springboard

Springboard is the ultimate piece of equipment to challenge you with spring resistance in a mat class setting.

Reformer Intermediate

An Intermediate Reformer class that will leave you feeling energized and empowered.

Pilates Private

Our dedicated trainers are here to provide you with undivided attention, tailoring sessions to address your unique needs and goals

Pilates Semi-Private

Booking a Pilates Duet or Trio is the perfect way to enjoy private training in a more financially attractive way.

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