Noelle Mos

It didn’t take Noelle long to discover her joy for movement, as she started taking dance lessons at the age of 5! In 2004, she began her studies at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam, specializing in Jazz-Musical. Beside her love of performing, she had a strong focus on choreography. 

“It gives me a lot of positive energy to see my students challenge themselves”

Along the way, Noelle found an interest in teaching Pilates & Barre Concept. Her natural teaching abilities & warm energy has been shining in her classes ever since. Noelle enjoys blending her background in dance and choreography into her Pilates classes, giving her lessons a sense of creativity while maintaining a well-balanced structure. Working hard & having fun is the main goal in her teaching so you can walk out of the studio feeling energized and inspired.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

It gives me a lot of positive energy to see people grow, to see people smile and challenge themselves. It’s great to share my excitement for moving and teach others that it’s not only good for the body but also for the mind.

What is your best advice when starting Pilates?

My best advice would be to take your time, be patient on getting to know the exercises. Start twice a week to get into the method. People are used to moving fast, seeing and feeling results fast. I think Pilates is so great because you are really focused for one whole hour, and when an exercise starts to sink in you realize that Pilates is really hard. Move slowly to let mind and body work together.

Noelle Mos is a Pilates trainer

Lessons by Noelle Mos

Pilates Mat All Levels

Tone, increase flexibility, stabilise your core, improve body alignment and learn about conscious breathing.

Reformer Intermediate

An Intermediate Reformer class that will leave you feeling energized and empowered.

Pilates Private

Our dedicated trainers are here to provide you with undivided attention, tailoring sessions to address your unique needs and goals

Pilates Semi-Private

Booking a Pilates Duet or Trio is the perfect way to enjoy private training in a more financially attractive way.

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