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You sit a lot for your work, carry your kids regularly up and down the stairs or put stress on your back in any other form? Then treat yourself to this empowering class which is a good antidote for any back discomfort you might experience.

We created this class especially for you, focussing on a range of core and lower back exercises. In just a few weeks time, you will increase your flexibility and become stronger, whilst gaining insights into your posture and body alignment.

This class is not only for those with pre-exisiting back pain. Pilates is known to be one of the number one methods for preventing injuries, specifically back problems.


  • Develop movement awareness
  • Learn to trust your body
  • Body-Mind centering
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Better Posture

For Whom

Pilates Back Care is for everyone, all ages. Many people will deal with back issues at some point in their busy lives; so get ahead of back pain with this preventative measure!

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3 trial group classes

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How often should I do Pilates to see results?

This question comes up a lot when people are just beginning Pilates training. And well, there is no good answer to this question! EveryBODY is different and will require varying levels of training to see their desired results.

A good rule to stand by: it’s important to move everyday, whether this is just going for a walk outside or joining a Pilates class here at the studio. Our recommendation is to add Pilates into your movement routine 2-3 times per week. But we know you’re busy and sometimes this is too much. So remember, once you cultivate a practise of intentional movement principles, any movement you do creates a positive impact on your health & wellbeing.

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Using slow, spiral movement patterns, enable your spine to decompress, triggering the incredible matrix of the fascia system and its power of self-regeneration.

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